Organic Herbal Oil Pulling Coconut Oil: Comfrey Leaf (8 Oz. in Glass Jar)

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Simple, botanical, organic & delicious oil pulling coconut oil! Rowan Tree Botanicals herbal oil pulling coconut oil is lovingly hand-made with 100% certified organic ingredients.

This formula is slowly infused with organic, mature comfrey leaves, resulting in a simple but potent herbal oil pulling remedy.


Organic cold-pressed coconut oil, Organic mature comfrey leaves.

The comfrey leaves used in this infusion are sourced from a small, sustainable herb farm in the USA!

Comfrey has a long tradition as a healing herb. It is known for healing wounds, regrowing tissues, and is soothing and strengthening. When infused into coconut oil and used in oil pulling, comfrey enhances the already numerous benefits for your oral health!

(Why do I use only mature comfrey leaves? Comfrey is a controversial herb, because the plant contains substances called pyrrolizidine alkaloids(PA's), which can be toxic to the liver if ingested in large amounts. However, most PA's are concentrated in the roots and young shoots of the plant, so the mature leaves are almost entirely free of PA's. That's why grandmothers for centuries have always gathered comfrey during the flowering stage, when the leaves are mature.)

WARNING: This product contains Comfrey. Comfrey is known to contain alkaloids that may be toxic to the liver. Not for use on open wounds. For external use only. Not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding. Not for use by infants or children.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This kit is not intended to prevent, treat, diagnose or cure any disease. For external use only.