Organic Oil Pulling Mouthwash: Therapeutic Herbal-Infused Formula, 8oz in Glass Jar

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RTB's Oil Pulling Mouthwash is lovingly hand-crafted with pure, certified organic medicinal herbs and botanical oils. It's a delicious way to improve oral health!

Calendula, Licorice root, Anise Hyssop and White Oak are slowly infused into virgin coconut oil, then strained. Therapeutic essential oils are then added, with a touch of celtic sea salt, to perfect this botanically medicinal oil pulling remedy.


Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil*, Calendula flowers*, Anise-Hyssop leaf and flower**, Licorice root*, White Oak*, Celtic Sea Salt, Essential oils of Fennel*, Peppermint*, Rosemary*, Oregano*, Sweet Orange*, and Clove bud*
(*=Certified Organic, **=Grown Organically by Rowan Tree Botanicals)

What customers are saying:

"The best! I'm not going back to plain oil for oil pulling - the RTB blend is fantastic." ~Etsy Customer

"This stuff tastes way better than I was expecting! It leaves my mouth feeling super clean." ~Etsy Customer

"Holy cow. Taking oil pulling to the next level!! I love things like this, take normal amazing product (coconut oil) and amp it up with amazing and highly beneficial herbs! So inventive I've never seen anything like this. Smells and tastes amazing. Lifetime supply please!" ~Etsy Customer